Marti Napolitano

Interior Designer

If you are anything like me, you swoon over a beautiful room, dissecting the details and nuances of the space, searching for that undefinable something that pulls you in and makes you want to stay.  In the age of Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz etc. with so much beautiful design at your fingertips it can be intimidating, challenging and difficult to narrow down what you truly want and need for your home. I work with clients to establish a mood, feel and look that is unique to each client, their family and their lifestyle.

Good design makes your home and life function better, great design feeds your heart and soul. A well designed home delivers comfort, inspiration and is the foundation for a well-lived life. I feel it is my privilege and responsibility to help people create homes that are beautiful and supportive, empowering women (and families) through design, to live their best life.